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Decoration of your shield

Please make sure you have registered your creature of choice before you begin construction and design of your shield.

The shield (45cm (18″) in diameter) should be decorated with the image of the creature you have chosen in the media of your choice. It should also show the name of the creature in easy-to-read characters. We would advise making your shield waterproof by using varnish or fixative.

Workshops will be held during February/March. Please click here to register for the workshop of your choice. (You can, of course, decorate the shield on your own, making sure it adheres to the construction instructions below) Good luck and Enjoy!!

Construction of your shield

The construction of the shield is important so that it can be carried at your side with the string and then hung on totem poles at the end of the pilgrimage with the twine.

Cut two circles of recycled cardboard, 45cm (18″) diameter. In one of them punch six small holes as indicated in the diagram below. Before glueing the two circles together, thread the string/twine through the holes for hanging and holding (as described below).

Twine for hanging on totem poles – Cut two pieces of twine 90cm (35″) and thread through the holes running in the direction of the horizontal dotted lines.

String for holding shield during procession – Cut a piece of string 90cm (35″) and thread through the holes running in the direction of the vertical dotted line. Knot this to a comfortable length for holding.

Glue the two pieces of cardboard together with the string/twine coming at equal lengths out of the back of the shield. (See photo below for example of completed back of shield)

NB: The shield will be stronger if the corrugations on each circle are at right angles to each other.

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